Thursday, April 9, 2015

Possets Perfume Haul 2

Since there were quite a few scents from my last haul that I needed forever I went ahead and placed another order. Because of my budget I could only get 2 out of the 4 that I wanted, so I will probably have to place another order in a few months.

I picked up full sizes of Dance With Me and The Temptress which were my top two favorite scents.
Basically Dance With Me is a gorgeous vanilla creamy mysterious grapefruit.  Its so lovely I can't even.
The Temptress is a gorgeous dark feminine musk. It's hard to explain, but I love it so much. 

I still have Arcturus and Lavender Corset on my wishlist!
Today I wanted to review the four free samples I got, some were winners and some were well....not.

Chocolate Incense

"No Valentine's Day would be complete without a foolish amount of chocolate! But this is the kind you can wear, a drug for your nose and an indulgence for your psyche. Sandalwood, amber, frankincense bring out the smokey tease in chocolate which you probably had no idea was there. Downright narcotic, it's so sensuous."

Initial Sniff: CHOCOLATE.  This smells exactly like chocolate from the bottle.  Wow, its really delicious. I was actually pretty excited because sometimes you just want to smell like some chocolate.

On the Skin: This transforms entirely and very quickly.  It goes from pure chocolate to losing all chocolate notes.  Instead it leaves behind a very smokey woody musk smell. Unfortunately it is much too masculine for me to be able to pull off.  I feel awkward wearing it even though I enjoy the smell.  So I put some on my boyfriend to see if he could use it.  Even though it once again smelled musky and delicious on him he said it was too feminine.  Haha.....welp. 

Invoked Image:  This makes me think of sitting around a campfire at night while cuddled up to my love.

Wear Time: 7-8 hours

Verdict: This perfume is too masculine for me and too feminine for my boyfriend.  Such an interesting and unexpected conundrum.  I have a friend that likes androgynous perfumes so I'm going to let her give it a try and she can take it if she likes it.  It smells nice but just isn't for me. I wish the chocolate smell lasted throughout the wear.

Cygnus The Swan

This was the only sample I specifically requested, all others were picked for my by Possets.

"Cygnus (the Swan) is a very very very very sexy blend of the scent of real vanilla, rose, golden musk, sugar concentrate (do not eat this), an accord which smells a lot like fondant, and a pink musk which I have not used before. Very strong and very long lasting. Very. It is gorgeous, and I would say an instant classic."

Initial Sniff: Right from the bottle this is downright unpleasant.  All I smell is sweet with an undertone of even more sickening sweetness.  I was afraid this would be another unwearable one like Gelato: Vaniglia

On the Skin: Oh was I wrong! This smells sooo much better on the skin.  The sweetness is cut by the musk and florals, leaving behind a very very feminine but very nice scent. Call me crazy but when I smell this I think of pink lemonade....which honestly makes no sense as there is no fruit or citrus in this. It might be because this perfume has so many layers that I have trouble picking them apart and my nose is confused. 

Invoked Image: Sipping refreshing lemonade on a warm summer day surrounded by beautiful fragrant flowers.

Wear Time: 3-4 Hours

Verdict: I am actually considering buying a full size of this.  It is a very nice scent for when I am feeling super happy and bubbly and girly.  It is very bright and sweet but also interesting and unique.

The Pleiades

"Hauntingly romantic silver musk is at the base, osmanthus (sweet olive), pink baby rose, hawthorne, and a small amount of vanilla. A very floaty, dreamy fragrance perfect for mooning over your lover or trying to catch the attention of someone for whom you have set your cap. Difficult to pin down, and wraps you in a cloud of charmingly vague but definitely beautiful fragrance. Very very feminine."

Initial Sniff: This scent is very light and lovely from the bottle.  It really is dreamy and very hard to explain.  The sweet olive, florals, and vanilla all combine to make a beautifully innocent and soft scent...

On the Skin: ....Until you put it on.  This is so so so so unfortunate.  Once this hits my skin all those beautiful light scents are lost and it smells 100% like baby powder. I'm so sad. This is my favorite out of the bottle scent but my least favorite on my skin.  How is this even possible :(

Invoked Image: I literally can't smell anything but baby powder and I don't really like the smell to begin with.  Ugh :(

Wear Time: 5-6 hours

Verdict: Such a shame.  I'm so sad about this scent transformation.  If you want to smell like baby powder this is the scent for you.  I'm thinking about using this in another way, like as a bath oil, maybe then the original out of the bottle smell will stick around and it won't transform into baby powder.


"Five vanillas (most of them fat and buttery vanillas cut with lean and sharp vanillas) and are blended with six different ambers which give the hypnotic part to the whole"

Initial Sniff: From the bottle it smells just as the description says, a lovely amber vanilla with the vanilla notes taking the lead.  This smell is very relaxing and pleasant.

On the Skin: Once on I feel that the amber really takes over.  It is very warm and deep.  For me it is a much more wearable version of Chocolate Incense. It is musky and less feminine but isn't too overpowering, and I feel it is a great scent for fall. 

Invoked Image: This invokes an image similar to Chocolate Incense...warm and safe with my love but instead of a campfire we are watching the sun set on a warm fall evening.

Wear Time: 3-4 hours

Verdict: While this would not work as the temperature gets hotter, I may keep this in mind for when fall rolls around.  The scent is like nothing I have and is the first non feminine scent that I've liked on myself.

So Arcturus and Lavender Corset are still on my wish list but now I am also considering Cygnus the Swan and Seraphim as well. Possets why do you do this to me??

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