Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rimmel London Provocalips 16Hr Kissproof Lip Colour in Kiss Fatal

A friend of mine had heard some great things about Rimmel's new Provocalyse liquid lipsticks so I decided to pick one up based on her recommendation.
I am definitely glad I did!

This product is pretty interesting.  One half is color and the other half is a clear top gloss.  I chose the color Kiss Fatal, a nice plummy color.

First you apply the color which goes on and dries to a satin finish.  Unfortunately you can't stop here as it is extremely sticky when you put your lips together. You have to then top it with the clear gloss which takes away all the stickiness and prevents drying.

And here it is with the gloss applied! I do wish it was wearable without the gloss but it is nice having a super long wearing lipstick that isn't matte. You are supposed to reapply the gloss part whenever your lips start to feel dry and they claim the color will last for 16 hrs.  That's a pretty steep claim.  Yes it will last for 16 hrs but it won't look great after that time.  It does last however.  I've eaten food and drank beverages and it still looked pretty darn good after a solid 8 hours.  This is a pretty awesome product if you don't want to pay a lot for all day wear.  I do want to warn that it may be very drying for those prone to that sort of thing.  My mom said her lips dried out pretty bad after a few hours while I didn't experience this at all.  

Here is my face after 10 hours of wear and no touch ups. In this time I ate lunch and dinner and drank water throughout. As far as looks, it has faded a bit but the fading is very even. The shine is gone which I could definitely feel as my lips were a bit sticky.  If I would have applied the gloss half way through I'm sure my lips would look just as perfect as when I applied it.

If they had a more unique color selection I may have gotten more than just this one, as I do really like the formula, finish, and staying power.
The super impressive lasting power however might be enough to convince me to pick up at least one more in the future.

Where to buy: ULTA, Drugstores
Price: $6.69

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