Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Jamberry 7 Day Chip Challenge

So with my free Jamberry sample came this little slip of paper describing how to take the 7 day chip challenge.  Always up for a challenge I decided to go ahead and do it! 

Basically I couldn't touch up my nail polish for 7 days to see how Jams held out over conventional polish.

And here you have it!  After seven days my nail polish was looking pretty nasty but my Smitten nail wrap still looks almost perfect.  If we go in a little  closer the wrap was not left unscathed.  It is starting to peel up on the edges but it isn't so annoying that I feel the need to take them off.  I could probably wear these for a few more days until they start catching on things and pulling up too often for my liking.  

Overall I'm happy with my Jams so far and can't wait to try them out some more!

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