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Ipsy Glam Bag November 2014 Review

I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving, whether you're spending it with your family or working to make that sweet holiday pay. :)

So anyway I have to say, this is probably my least favorite bag in quite a while.  Mini rant time.  I sometimes wonder if the review actually does anything.  I keep saying I hate browns, bronzes, highlighters, and bronzers, but yet they still come and I just keep hating them. Sigh. Don't get me wrong, I love Ipsy but it's definitely a bummer opening a bag and receiving a 5th brown eye shadow that will never get used.

Anyway onto the review!

This month's theme is Girl Meets Glitter, which is definitely an adorable theme, however I sort of thought this would have been more fitting for December when houses are lit up with lights and tinsel decorates the trees. Regardless, the bag is super cute and will make a perfect bag for a Christmas gift!

1. Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Eye Base in Submissive

"This eye base is a highly pigmented, long-lasting product that can be used as a single cream color or used as an eye base to build color. "


The only reason this is getting a two is because the bronzy color is actually kind of nice when paired with olive...otherwise I dislike everything about this.....The staying power is pretty weak, it was creasing and fading after only an hour or two and I even wore it over eye shadow primer. It's definitely worthless as an eye shadow base which is kind of a shame considering that's its purpose.  I am pretty sad considering I usually like Be a Bombshell products...

Here it is on my eye lid.  I have to admit I don't hate the color. The bronze isn't too overpowering and it adds a nice subtle pretty shine to my lid. However, it made my crease shadow harder to blend.  When and if I use this again I will only be putting it on my eyelid to avoid it ruining everything. Please excuse the random dot, I had trouble with the liquid you'll soon learn.

Where to buy:

Price: $14

2. Elizabeth Mott You're so FINE Eyeliner

"It’s not just any liquid eyeliner. With you’re so FINE’s micro-tipped brush, you can control your strokes to create dramatic, and sharp cat eyes! This brush is so control friendly that creating precise, symmetrical lines is ridiculously easy, so it’s perfect for first time liquid eyeliner users too."


I LOVE liquid liner.  I use it every single day.  Even thought I prefer marker style pens I still use some of the lid and brush kind.  However this stuff would just cooperate.  The brush isn't very thin so its hard to get a small line and a sharp point, the sparkles barely show up on the eye, its goes on streaky, it takes forever to dry, and gets all over my crease.  It gets a 2 because I can still use this as a travel emergency liner.

As you can see my wing is crappy compared to what I'm usually able to achieve with my Jesse's Girl liner, which is less than half the price.  I also had to put it on super thick because I could not get a thin line to save my soul.  If you look super closely you should also be able to see the weird streakiness.  It's not as noticeable from far away but when I was applying it, it drove me crazy!

Where to buy:

Price: $18

3. J-Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion

"For invincible color and impeccable wear, the Wonder Lip Paint serves justice! With the twofold blend of endurance and delivery of intense pigmentation, this will become your heroine of lip colors. Paint your lips to perfection for your day and nighttime adventures! "


On to something good! Hands down this was my favorite product this month.  I'm obsessed and I will be buying more of these! Pigmentation, staying power, non has everything, including an affordable price.

Since these are obviously made to be drugstore versions of OCC's Lip Tar, I thought I'd do a quick tube comparison.  As you can see the packaging is almost identical except J Cat 's is a bit longer while OCC is fatter and shorter. Both contain 10ml of product.

Here it is on my lips.  I love love love love when Ipsy puts fun lip colors in the bags, it's why I keep my subscription and why I canceled with Birchbox.  These offer everything Lip Tars do except for a quarter of the price.  They last hours and through meals, they fade evenly, they go on easily with a lip brush (which was not included), and they offer great pigmentation with only a small drop of product.  I am just absolutely enamored with this product. <3

Where to buy:

Price: $5

4. Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray

"Get extra volume, shine and hold with this dual purpose hairspray; nourishing and styling in one! This argan oil, keratin and grape seed oil infused hairspray gives you strong and flexible hold plus deep nourishment, strengthening and conditioning as you style. 

I literally have no complaints with this product.  The packaging is bright and attractive, it smells amazing, for me it reminds me of pineapples...however I have read that some people hate the scent so my love is not universal apparently,  it has great hold, and an aerosol dispenser.  Basically its everything I look for in a hairspray. <3

I will definitely be buying a full size of this when my current spray runs out.
Where to buy: Ulta, Walgreens,
Price: $9 ($3)

5. Temptu S/B Highlighter in Pink Pearl

"A cult favorite of makeup artists around the globe, TEMPTU S/B Highlighter is the perfect product that goes on sheer for an overall illuminating and contouring effect. Light-reflecting and transfer resistant, S/B Highlighter glides on effortlessly for a brilliant complexion boost that contours to highlight your best features."


This gets a one because there is not a single thing I liked about this....first of all I do not use any highlighters that aren't  matte white eye shadows.  I hate my skin being shimmery or sparkly or anything, it makes me look sweaty and I feel disgusting, I've told Ipsy this via reviews time and time again.

The product actually looks kinda neat on the skin, its a pink pearly substance.  however it is very runny and annoying to work with.

You can see my disdain for this product reflected in my turned my skin red as soon as I started applying it, I also had a difficult time blending it into my foundation because of how wet and liquidy it is....I just can't. I have no idea what to do with this.
Where to buy:
Price: $27.50 for 1 oz ($2.75)

I only really liked two out of the five items this month which is way lower than usual, however those two items I liked I absolutely loved, so I guess there's that! They were also the two cheapest, which shows that price does not always equal quality.
This bag came out to about $43 which is the usual.

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