Friday, January 2, 2015

J Cat Wonder Lip Paints in Always Late Rabbit, Ches Desire Cat, Mad Splatter, and Red Potion

I hope everyone had a happy new year!  I know I did, I went dancing with my boyfriend and discovered a love of the tango! :3

After getting Red Potion in my Ipsy glam bag I knew I had to have more of these.  The quality and staying power of a lip tar for only $5!? Heck yes.  
So with the 30% off coupon my mom and I picked up a few more of these lovelies. 

From left to right is Always Late Rabbit, Ches Desire Cat, Mad Splatter, and Red Potion

First up, Always Late Rabbit.  This is one of the ones my mom purchased.  It is a very nice bright but still wearable soft pink.  It goes on easily and is overall quite lovely.  I think my mom will get a lot of use out of this.

Next, Ches Desire Cat.  This is the one I purchased.  How could I turn down that gorgeous lavender?  And gorgeous it is! Just wow! You do need a bit more of this and the first shade to get full coverage compared to Red Potion but I don't mind because the results are gorgeous.  These two also do not last quite as long as Mad Splatter and Red Potion.

Mad Splatter is the color that came in my mom's Ipsy bag.  I'm glad I didn't get this one just becauase I already have soooo many bright pink lipsticks with a blue sheen.  However if you don't already own a color like this I would definitely recommend picking this up.

And of course Red Potion.  I'm recycling the image from my Ipsy review, sorry! Saving time, its the same thing anyway, etc etc. As far as quality, coverage, and staying power I still think this one is my favorite.  It was a bit of a bummer to learn the formulas were not all identical but I think all of them are still 100% worth the $5 price tag!

Lip brushes are not included so make sure you own one before picking one of these up!

Where to buy:, Ulta
Price $5

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