Monday, August 31, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Old Hollywood Fall 2015 Soap Box

It is August and I have received my first Fortune Cookie Soap fall soap box! Unfortunately this box is probably my least favorite for a few reasons. First, the theme just isn't my thing.  I love Alice in Wonderland, I love Peter Pan, but Old Hollywood?  Unfortunately most of the names are lost on me.  Also I just did not appreciate the scents as much.  There are a few I adore but definitely not as many as previous boxes....and its Fall....with no pumpkin spice?! I was a little disappointed.

So the theme is Old Hollywood with some of the names being long, hard to remember, and not making any sense as far as the scents go.

Here is the picture of the whole box!  Overall the presentation is great.  I love the star shaped wax tart and the custom perfume bottle.  The little extra this time was two pearls.  Perhaps I'll turn them into earrings! 

Let's get to reviewing!

Dressed To Kill Fortune Cookie Soap

Initial Sniff: Unfortunately the soapy smell overpowers the scent so it is hard for me to really say if I like this one or not....I smell spiced soap.

In Action: It works as all the others have and also makes my sink area smell like spiced soap, which is kinda nice I suppose.

Verdict: The description of this sounded, vanilla, apples.......but I'm really not a fan.

Famous Wax Tart

Initial Sniff: Very lovely. Fruity, spicy, relaxing, fun.  That is what I think of when I smell this. Even though its floral based and not fruity, haha oh well.

In Action:  Watching this melt was really sad because the tart was just so cute and pretty! 

 But while it disappeared it made my apartment smell nice.  The scent on this one isn't super overpowering and noticeable but it is still nice. 

Verdict: I wouldn't get this a wax tart but I'll definitely pick up some things in this scent! One of my favorites!

Glitz & Glamour Hand Sanitizer

Initial Sniff: This is a very light scent so from the bottle all that can be smelled is alcohol

In Action: Once rubbed on to the hands and allowed to dry it smells spices....I'm not sure.  It is hard for me to pick out notes and the description is moss, wood, and vanilla..... right.

Verdict: Not a fan.

Hollywood Dreams Shampoo Bar

Initial Sniff: Holy crap. This little bar packs so much scent it is ridiculous.  It makes my entire shower smell like sugary sweet graham crackers. I actually can't stand smelling this for too long, it makes me a bit nauseous.

In Action: I LOVE the shampoo bars, they suds up sooo nicely.  I do not think the smell lingers (which in this case, yay!) but my hair is also short so I can't really take a strand of it and sniff.....

Verdict: Nope, once again not for me.  Too eye wateringly sweet and strong.

Pearls & Girls Perfume Oil

Initial Sniff: Oh. So. Lovely. Yes. Sweet fruity delicious pears and comforting vanilla. Amazing.  My absolute favorite scent.

In Action: I don't like the spray bottle....I feel like half hits my wrist and the other half is lost to the air.  The bottle design is adorable though (even if I got it in my least favorite color) would have liked it better as a roller ball. As for the perfume though it smells so lovely and is just so me.  It lasts for at least 4 hours.

Verdict: This is amazing I need this.

American Royalty

Initial Sniff: This smells gross to me.  I can't even describe it, its like sour and weird and just no.

In Action: I don't really feel like this does anything....maybe I'm using it wrong?  I prefer matte hair products as well so I'm not sure I like the shine this adds.  Also I hate the smell so I don't really like using it in the first place.

Verdict: Gross.

Scandal Bath Powder

Initial Sniff: This scent as the weirdest can something smell like creaking woods and windy leaves? To me it smells like a spicy mens cologne.  Personally I'm not a fan.

In Action: I dumped it all in my bath and honestly was a bit underwhelmed.  From how strong this smelled out of the bag I expected it to bring my bath to life but the scent was very weak. 

Verdict: Not a fan of the scent and unfortunately not the bath powder either. I wish I'd have tried this before purchasing a full sized bath powder.....but maybe I'll have better luck next time. 

Tommy Guns & Baseball Bats Whipped Cream

Initial Sniff: Mmmmmm so warm and comforting, this smells like my grandmothers house during the holidays. Yummy toasted marshmallows is what I smell the most and I love it.

In Action: Makes me smell like sweet deliciousness...oh and moisturizes too!

Verdict: I wouldn't really want to walk around smelling like this in public but as a wax tart it would be AMAZING.

Overall this is definitely my least favorite soap box of the three I've gotten so far.  The scents were just not very me.  Hopefully I'll have better luck with the winter box, however I'm nervous as I absolutely despise peppermint.....

I ended up ordering the following: 

Groovy Beech Soap Dish, for my shampoo/conditioner bar

TOMMY GUNS & BASEBALL BATS Talkin' Smack Lip Scrub, because the wax tart was sold out

PEARLS & GIRLS Sugar Scrub, love the scent and haven't tried their sugar scrub

PEARLS & GIRLS Bath Powder, same as above

FAMOUS Foaming Hand Soap, loved the scent, needed more hand soap

FAMOUS Bar Soap, just because!

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