Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sally Hansen Nail Wraps in I Love Lacey

So I was moderately impressed with the NCLA Los Angeles nail wraps I reviewed a few weeks ago but after trying Sally Hansen's I am now extremely impressed.  My mom let me use two of her Sally Hansen nail wraps which matched a dress I wore to a dance.  I was expecting something similar to NCLA's....oh was I wrong.  I guess sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

I used these in the shade 480 I Love Lacey which is honestly a very beautiful pattern and did match my dress very well.  My issue was with the application and the longevity.  Because I put these on when I went home and therefore didn't have my good camera I couldn't take these pictures until 4 days after application and the wraps were already starting to chip at the end of my nail.  NCLA's lasted over a week without any chipping at all and that was even after washing dishes and cleaning my apartment.  As far as application these were much flimsier than NCLA's so I had a hard time controlling them in order to line them up over my nail. They were also much larger meaning they went over my nail and onto my skin on both sides making it very hard to clean up the edges, while NCLA's fit perfectly on my nail. I would never buy these over NCLA's because of quality and longevity, the frustration just isn't worth it. My mom will be going to a nail wrap party, I think Jamberry, so look forward to a review of those as well.

Where to buy: Ulta, Sally Hansen, and Target
Price: $4.99

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