Saturday, November 29, 2014

Purple and Teal Graphic Liner FOTD

When I put my favorite flannel on this morning I got the urge to do an eye look to match.  I'm not sure how I got there but I ended up doing a graphic liner of sorts.  I don't have too much experience doing this kind of thing but I still liked how it  came out.

To start I covered my upper lid in Urban from the Electric Palette.  Then I took Blackout by Urban Decay on a small brush and carefully outlined a wing and in my crease.  I only had to use my makeup remover pen 10 times to get this to look decent...Regardless, I then blended Blackout into the purple which looking back I probably should have used a different brush for.  Blending with the flat part of my liner brush was not a good idea.  I finished the look by taking Shiro Cosmetic's Maiden Queen and lining under my eye.
Lip is Mary Kay gloss in Berry Tart.

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