Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Red and Black Dark Glittery Eye

I went to a formal charity dance with my boyfriend and his family.  When I found out that it was royalty themed I of course started panicking because I'm not a person that has princess gear lying around.  While home I rummaged through my closet and found a dark red and sparkly vampiresque dress I wore to my 9th grade homecoming.  Luckily I started counting calories recently because by god it fit! I wanted to do a dark red and black eye to match the dress but also wanted to glam it up to make myself look more like a royal vampire instead of just a goth girl in a fancy dress.  I wanted a tiara to really push the royalty theme but I kid you not I searched Walmart, K Mart, Dollar General, you name it and could not find a single freaking tiara!! Its before Halloween...seriously?? Bah.

This is my trial run look for the dance.  I can't show you high quality pics of the  look I actually did because I won't have my professional camera with me.....Anyway, I put NYX's gel liner and smudger in my crease and blended it out with my finger.  I may use a black eye shadow for the actual dance...I just didn't have one up at school with me because I'm an idiot.  On my lid is Aphrodite from the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette. I also smudged this color on my lower lashline. After adding a simple wing I brought out the MAC 3D Black glitter.  I may make it a little less thick towards the inner corner of my eye later but alas.  Using a lash glue wand dipped in the glitter I lined under my lash line leaving a slight space under my wing because....drama? On my lips is Mary Kay's Whipped Berries. Overall I like it and can't wait to wear this with my dress and jewelry.  

Earlier in the day I had put the glitter a bit below my eye and added some accent dots.  However I felt from a bit further away I looked very strange so I moved the liner closer to my lashline.  My boyfriend told me he liked the dots so they may make a return for my final look. 

And here are actual pictures from the dance taken on my phone! Yay!

Us being dorks

A some what decent shot of my dress.  We both looked smashing and dominated the dance floor. ;D

These are the best pictures I could get of the actual dance makeup.  I really like how it turned out :)

Since my UD Bondage came in the mail I applied it under my lashline then dipped a thin brush in the glitter and painted it on over the adhesive. I think it worked much better as I was able to get a much thinner line.

I had a really really great night :) <3

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