Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Pure Pigment Eye Dust Swatches

I recently placed an order at Jesse's Girl cosmetics because Ipsy was offering a coupon code and I NEEDED another liquid eyeliner.  I should do a review of that liner because it is seriously my holy grail liquid liner.  Anyway with my order I received a bunch of little sample baggies from their new eye dust collection which I will now share with you!

Here they are! I was so stoked because it was almost like receiving a Shiro Cosmetics order.....except these aren't as awesome as Shiro shadows but we will get to that.

Here is every shadow with its respective name and number. After swatching I was especially drawn to Rogue Flambe, Sunset Blvd, and Ultra Violet so those are the colors I ended up doing a look with.  These were all fairly easy to swatch and as you can see some of them look a lot better over primer than they do alone.  However after walking around with these on my arm the colors faded alarmingly fast except for Brown Sugar which was the least sparkly of the bunch.

Close up of Pixie Dust (gold shimmer), Starshine (silver shimmer), Sunlit Cactus (interesting yellow with slight green shimmer), and Sunstone (orange shimmer).  The first two sound like they could be the names of characters from My Little Pony.

Brown Sugar (brownish orange), Rogue Flambe (rusty red), Sunset Blvd (pink with gold shimmer)

Ultra Violet (purple shimmer), Troublemaker (cyan shimmer), and Majestic Green (green shimmer)

Here is the look I created with Sunset Blvd on my lid, Rogue Flambe in my crease, Ultra Violet on my lower lashine, and Starshine on my inner corner. I love Sunset Blvd it is probably my favorite shadow of the bunch just because of the unique color the gold shimmer adds to the pink.  If I make another online order I think I'm going to pick it up.  Rogue Flambe however is not that great.  It was difficult to get good pigmentation even over primer.  As you can see even though it's supposed to be red it looks way too similar in color to the pink on my lid. Ultra Violet was nice but I already own a million purple eye shadows.  Starshine was INSANELY shimmery.  I will not be using this as a highlight again, it's just too intense, it will have to be a lid color from now on.  I sent a selfie to my boyfriend and he thought I was crying. Anyway, I did not put primer on my lower lashline to compare wear.  After about 2 hours the purple was almost completely gone but the red and pink looked great until I took it off about 8 hours later.  So wear these over primer or else they will not last at all.
Overall these are nice but with so many Indie brands like Shiro offering loose shadows with longer staying time, better pigmentation, and more unique color options these can't compare.  However if I get the chance I would pick up Sunset Blvd, the most unique of the bunch.  There are about 3 times as many color options online.

Where to buy:, savemart, rite aid
Price: $4.99

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