Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Ruby And Sapphire Remake Release Day!

Happy November 21st!!! What's so special about today?  Well it just so happens to be the release date for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in North America! Gen III holds a special place in my heart because Sapphire version was the first Pokemon game I ever bought with my own money.  I also remember being completely blown away by the Game Boy Advanced graphics.  Now I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Alpha Sapphire to arrive in the mail so I can disappear for the next few months in Hoenn.  I apologize in advance to my poor boyfriend. 
Anyway in celebration of the release of the gen III remakes I did an eye shadow look based on Kyogre, the legendary in Sapphire.  Sorry Groudon fans but I have always been a Kyogre kind of girl.

To get this legendary (heh heh) look I started by applying NYX Milk everywhere around my eyes and blending it out with my finger.  Next I packed Chaos from the Electric Palette onto my eyelid, blending it into my crease.  Next I took Aphrodite from the Galaxy Chic palette and lined all around my eyes, finishing with a wing because Kyoge has those pointy side fins.
Finally I applied extra Milk under my eyes and blended downwards while also flicking it up under the red wing for extra wing action.
I attempted to give my best "I'm sick of your shit, Team Aqua" face.
I also attempted to draw went okay.

I hope you all enjoy your new adventure!

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