Thursday, November 13, 2014

Flormar Long Wearing Lipstick in L33

This will be my last Turkish makeup post as I have now shared everything I bought. This last item is my favorite as far as color but unfortunately my least favorite as far as performance.  This was the only lipstick I picked up from Flormar and it is seriously a huge disappointment....

Lilac Gloss or L033 is a very beautiful lilac shade with awesome opaque coverage.  It is from their Long Wearing lipstick collection, which is an absolute joke.  This lasts less than some lip glosses I own.  I can get an hour, maybe two at most from this lipstick.  The formula is so insanely creamy that it just melts right off, even when put over a lip liner. The plus is that when worn over the Flormar No. 218 lip liner it fades decently to a pretty lilacy plum color, I would never risk wearing this alone. Because it is so creamy it is extremely moisturizing and not drying whatsoever. However, if I ever went back to Europe I would not be getting another one of these lipsticks.

Where to buy:
Price: 15,90 TL (about $8)

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