Thursday, May 11, 2017

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Dopey and Cheap Thrills

Hey! First actual review post in waaaaayyyy too long! I thought it fitting to do this review on some products that I use almost daily.  I fell in love with colourpop quite some time ago when I tried out their eyeshadows and their ultra matte lipsticks.

So today I will be sharing with you two ultra matte lips: Cheap Thrills and Dopey, plus a bonus swatch of one of their eyeshadows in Girl Crush!

Cheap Thrills is a ridiculously lovely matte mauvey purple.  I wear this when I was something a bit more muted but am feeling a bit more adventurous.  It is just purple enough to turn heads but not too intense that it is work inappropriate.  This will last through drinking and most meals however anything too greasy will result in some fading, so bring it with if you plan to grab a greasy breakfast sandwich before work! As you can probably tell from the product picture, the silver on the packaging will get scratched off if you frequently toss your products in your purse or travel bag.  This doesn't bother me but it may bother some.

Dopey is my new everyday lipstick.  It is my current My Lip But Way Better shade right now.  If I am just throwing on some quick powder foundation and mascara this is what I will probably be throwing on my lips as well.  Additionally this tends to be my go to when I do more intense eye looks.  Its staying power is pretty much the same as Cheap thrills, perhaps a little better.

And here is the eyeshadow I have on in the two previous pictures.  This has become my everyday eyeshadow as well, whether I put it on all by itself or I use it as a base for more interesting looks, I have already hit pan on this baby. It is a gorgeous matte greyish taupe color.  I love it for my cool pinkish toned skin.

The best thing about Colourpop though has to be the price.  Their Ultra Matte Lips are $6 and their shadows are $5 and they are almost always running some kind of deal or discount.  I really can't recommend this brand enough.

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