Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hollow & Ridge Mend Balm, Lavender Face and Body Toner, and Calm Essential Oil Blend

For Christmas my Aunt got my mother, grandma, and I little sample packages of some products from a company called Hollow & Ridge. This company specializes in essential oils and bath and skin care products scented with their own essential oil blends. As you may know, I love smelly things so I was very excited about this little kit!
This company focuses on ethics and quality, resulting in beautifully scented products that you can feel good about using.  Here is a quote from their website:

"The hollow & ridge approach to essential oil production is simple:
source high quality and responsibly-grown plant materials; experiment until
the right combination of therapeutic effect and pleasing scent is achieved."

This business has its ideals in the right place and their products are very lovely as well, as you're about to find out!

My Christmas gift included these three products: Mend Balm, Lavender Face and Body Toner, and Calm Essential Oil Blend.  They were packaged in the super cute floral bag they are sitting on in the above picture.  I also love how cute and simple the packaging is.  The colored translucent bottles and minimalist labels make the products look very sleek and professional.

The first item is the lavender toner.  I have not really used toners before but the packaging says it provides moisture and hydration so I spritz some on my face after moisturizing and before applying foundation primer.  The scent is lovely and starting my day with the bright crisp smell of lavender is just amazing. Here is the store description of this product:

"Our toner is ideal for all skin types to balance, tone, and restore skin. We have left out the rose for this one. Lavender by itself also promotes cell repair, is an excellent coolant for minor burns and sunburns, and soothes sensitive skin. Our lavender hydrosol used in our toners is distilled from freshly harvested lavender."

My little sample size is only 10ml, you can buy the full 50ml size for only $14!

Next is the Mend Balm.  This is a little pot of hard lip balm.  The products melts onto your fingers from the heat generated, allowing you to then rub it on your lips or any other chapped area.  I also keep this at my vanity and put it on before I begin my makeup routine so my lips are nice and soft for when I apply my lipstick. This smells a bit odd, its definitely my least favorite scent of the bunch.  To me it has a minty smell to it, I honestly think unsweetened mint chocolate chip when I smell it, but the oils its made from do not reflect that at all.  Regardless it is a nice product and while the smell isn't personally for me, I'm sure many others will adore it.

"Our new MEND Balm formula is luxurious, rich and intensely reparative. Applying Mend balm helps guard your lips against harsh conditions, like wind, dryness and temperature changes and leaves your lips feeling supple and smooth. The Balm promotes healing, and prevents dry, cracked or chapped lips, providing immediate relief from discomfort and softening roughness on contact. The natural oils, waxes and butters in the MEND Balm protect the damaged skin while it is healing to prevent further damage. The balm has a light, lavender peppermint scent that is both calming and invigorating."

My pot is full size I believe, meaning you can get your own for $8!

Finally is the essential oil! My little sample is called Calm and is blend No 55.  This smells so so so nice.  I have been smelling this before I begin my meditation to help me relax and get me in the right mood.  I will definitely be sad when this oil is gone.

"55 brings together smells from the places which have brought Issa peace throughout her life. Geranium and lavender used to tame irritability. Issa uses rose otto for restlessness and agitation. Petitgrain is used as a "shock absorber"."

My sample is 3ml, but you can purchase a full 10ml bottle for $38.

The other two blends sound just as divine, I wish I could purchase them in 3ml bottles for a cheaper price, because at $38 each I just can't afford to try them all.

Overall I love all three of these items and can definitely see myself purchasing from here in the future.  I believe my Aunt knows where they have a physical shop, so hopefully I can get my hands on more of these cheaper sample versions so I can try everything!

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