Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dark Candles: Light for Those Who Prefer the Dark

I received a sample tea light candle from Dark Candles in one of my Black Boxes and fell in love with the scent (Chocolate Bat) and the concept behind the business. Their catch phrase is "Light for those who prefer the dark". This really couldn't be any more true.  This company specializes in candles that have an occult theme to them, which honestly just makes them all the more fun!

I decided to buy their flat rate choose your own votive candle set.  You get 6 votive candles for $18 including shipping! As you can see my package also came with a free wax melt, stickers, business cards, and a point card for $10 when you spent $100! I also had an issue with shipping when I was trying to place my order and they literally responded to my question in under 20 minutes.  Their customer service is amazing and my issue was fixed in no time.
The quality of this company is top notch.  The candles have strong scents to them and they burn very nicely.  Therefore for this review I will be focusing on only the scents as the quality is already a 10/10 for me.

Half of these were for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day so unfortunately not all of them are scents I'm particularly fond of, so don't take my person review too seriously for those candles.  


A dark and musky masculine scent (Drakkar Type and Midsummer's Night Dream Type). Dark Black.

This was supposed to go to my boyfriend as I figured you can't go wrong with dark and musky for a guy, however I was quite surprised when I opened it up to find it smells exactly like his deodorant. I suppose that is not necessarily a bad smell but there is no way I was going to give my boyfriend a candle that smelled like his armpits, haha! Instead I shall keep this one for myself.  While I'm not crazy about a scent like this as a candle, I think it will be nice to light whenever I am missing him and want to be reminded of a good time we've had together.


A dark and masculine vetivert blend with desert florals and sage, reminiscent of ages past. Dark Purple.
I had bought this one for myself but because I'm keeping the Midnight candle, this one is going to go to my love instead.  I won't lie I'm a bit sad to give this up, it smells so lovely. The description is spot on.  It is very dark and masculine with a slight hint of floral.  I would definitely buy this in a full size, it is a very calming scent for me.

Dark Grove

A century year old grove of redwood trees with a cinnamon undertone. Dark Green.
This one I got with my boyfriend in mind as he loves cinnamon while I really can't stand it as a smell, I don't mind the taste however. Therefore I am probably not the best person to judge this candle. The cinnamon is definitely there but it is also mixed with something else which is I suppose the trees. I was imaging more of a cedar or pine type scent with this, but that's not what it is like at all.  Perhaps it is more of a leafy scent? I'm not sure I really can't pinpoint it but it does smell familiar.

Penny Royal

Pennyroyal is a highly aromatic member of the mint family with lovely notes of menthol and bitter spices. Pennyroyal has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries, and is also effective as an insect repellant. Dark Purple.
This one has the strongest scent out of all the candles for sure.  Its the only one that you can easily smell while it is still in its wrapper.  This one is for my boyfriend as well. He loves mint and I really don't, neither the taste nor smell.  I'm kind of on the fence about whether I want to give this to him or not.  I stopped reading at mint and totally missed the insect repellent part.  That is definitely the vibe I get when I smell this.  To me this smell is just really gross and I'm a bit worried he will hate it too....

Amber Velvet

A deep amber softened with a layer of tender velvet and a touch of citrus-y bergamont and vanilla. Dark Purple.
This one definitely does not smell as I expected it to. I love amber and vanilla so I was really excited about this one but I think the citrus and bergamont comes out so strongly that I barely even smell any amber. It is still a nice scented candle, but I bought this because of the amber and I am a little bummed that it ended up not being the strongest note.


Like a fine wine he only gets better with age. Add a touch of aged merlot with some turkish spices sweetened with masculine musk. It’s a sexy scent with a bite to it! Dark Red.
This is another one I bought for myself.  I had a huge thing for vampires when I was younger so it was definitely the name that initially brought me to this candle, but the scent description sold me on it.  Wine. Yes.  It is definitely sweet, like a cherry sweet, but it is balanced with the dark musk as described. I don't think wine when I smell this but it is nice nonetheless. This is the one I chose to burn first and I think it smells much better while burning than it does smelling it straight from the wax.  I would definitely get this one again!

Dark Carnival

This scent will evoke images of dark laughter, midway games, freaky side shows, and seedy characters! A blend of Warm caramel popcorn, nutty candy apples, and fluffy cotton candy. This scent is not for eating - although you just might be tempted! Dark Black

To me what really comes out strongly is the caramel and nutty notes.  It literally smells like candied nuts. This was my free sample and while the smell is nice, It isn't really my thing.  I'm not a huge fan of foody scents in my candles, I generally prefer florals , fruits, and musk, but I will enjoy this little bunny shaped melt while it lasts!

I will definitely be making another purchase from dark candles in the future. I need Mage and Dracula and also want to try out some of their other scents.  It is a really nice small business with a cool theme and high quality products, don't hesitate to check them out!


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