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Black Box Subscriptions October 2015

Today I'll be talking about my second Black Box Subscriptions box! This is a monthly $20 gothic goodies box that delivers everything from dark makeup, jewelry, and bath and body products! The best part is everything is hand picked just for you based on a survey.

I liked this box a lot better than last month so I don't know if Vixx has seen my video/blog review and updated accordingly or if she just followed my survey answers a bit more closely this time regarding the silver jewelry and hair clip issue. :P
Either way this box was really fun.  It had a mix of Halloween, skull, and spider decorations making the box look really festive and fabulous.

 S.he Makeup Nail Lacquer in Black

This nail polish came with her logo sticker on it so I had to do a bit of searching to discover the brand.  I have never heard of S.he before but after throwing it on my nails quick I can already tell I liked the Wet n Wild formula from last month's box better, so that will remain my go to black polish for now.

Where to buy:
Price: $1.80

Free Book Downloads

So this was a new and interesting item!  I got a free download for a book and 2 short stories.
The short stories are from the book KAOS Obsidere: The Nightmare Has Begun: A Dark Fiction and the novel is Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac's Diary. I am really excited to download these books and check them out.  I love dark fiction such as Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Darren Shan, so I am very pleased with these!

Where to buy:
Price: ~$3

Halloween Stickers

Like last month this box included a set of 4 Halloween stickers.  Not sure what I'm going to be doing with these yet but they are pretty cute.

Price: ~ $.025

Doe Earrings

My first piece of jewelry this month were these very adorable little deer earrings.  They are small and delicate and pretty cute.  I also noticed after taking this close up shot that I think they have little skulls engraved on their sides which is pretty awesome.

Here they are dangling from my ear so you can get a better idea of size. They are cute and silver so I have no complaints! 

I did some googling and found a picture of these in google images but when I followed the link it took me to a no longer existing Etsy page so I have no idea where to get these or how much they cost.

Price: ~$2-3

Wire Wrapped Bead Necklace

My second piece of jewelry was this presumably handmade by Vixx herself wire wrapped bead necklace.  The pendant is a purple bead with a wire wrapping design, attached to a necklace made of ribbon and string.  It is very unique and I have nothing like it, it also looks very nice on. I approve!

Because this is handmade I can only estimate the price
Price: ~$2-3

Black Gothic Bow

My accessory this month was a very beautiful and elegant black bow.  It has a more secure clip meaning it will actually stay in my hair.  Even though I haven't worn a hair accessory in about a year I really like how this looks and decided to wear it to school today. It is definitely my style!

I doubt I'll be able to find this exact bow but bows of this kind seem to go for about $5 on Etsy

Price: ~$5

Dark Candles Chocolate Bat Tealights

I was super super happy about this item! I love candles and have one burning almost all the time.  These candles are in the scent Chocolate Bat and are from Dark Candles Halloween collection. 

This candle smells divine. I love it.  It isn't too sweet like I feared with a name that has chocolate in it, but instead the chocolate is balanced with other pleasant notes.
The website says "A tantalizing blend of chocolate and a mixture of Halloween candy!" 
I feel like the scent smells darker and more mysterious than their description make sit seem, but its not a big deal, I love the scent and that's all that matters. The next time I am in need of some new candles I will definitely be checking this company out.

Where to
Price: $2.00

Spider Web Pen from Strange Omens

This pen and the soap that follows were in a bag with a tag that said Happy Haunting! From Strange Omens.  When I went to Pagan Pride my boyfriend and I made some purchases from their stand so I was already familiar with this company.  I can't find this pen on their website but it is pretty cute.  It is quite small, about half the size of a regular pen.  It has a spider web design on the body and is encased in bright orange plastic.  Not going to lie it feels a little cheap but the small size makes it really nice for carrying in my wristlet wallet, so I'll be using this regardless.

Price: ~$1

Dreaming Tree Monster Mash Soap

These soaps are available for purchase from Strange Omens website but the brand itself also has a website so I'll link that for this item as well.
I love handmade small business bath and body products as is evident with my intense obsession with Fortune Cookie Soap so I was quite pleased to see this in my box! This soap is by Dreaming Tree Soapworks and it smells amazing. There are way too many delicious things going on at once so I couldn't even begin to tell you the notes but the website provides this description: "Drac's own secret recipe! A fun and fruity punch blend of cranberry, raspberry & citrus vanilla, magical herbs and autumn spices."
 I would totally buy this in a full size, it smells so lovely. It is a truly perfect autumn scent.

Where to buy: and
Price: Full size is $7.50 so this sample is probably around $2-3

And that is it for this month's Black Box! This box had so many one of a kind items and fun small business additions.  I am very very pleased with this month.  I don't even care how much the items add up to because there is no other way I would have been able to try Dark Candles and Dreaming Tree without committing to full size products first.  The jewelry is also so my style and I am just so happy with this box.

Want to watch me unbox it?

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