Monday, February 8, 2016

Mary Kay Pink Satin

I just realized I never did a review on this Mary Kay lipstick!  This is one of the last ones I purchased before giving up on being consultant due to moving to a city for graduate school.  Before I purchased Pink Satin I did not own a single high end nude shade. Because of samples I knew I already liked this color so I had no doubts about adding it to my collection!

This is a really nice color to throw on when I find myself wearing a dark outfit with dark eyes.  It is soft and subtle and gives my lips a nice pink tint all day.  The only issue I have with it would be more my own skin's fault than my own.  As the day wears on and my foundation begins to fade it looks very odd compared to my naturally pink skin, so I try to only wear this if I know I won't be in a situation that will compromise the integrity of my foundation.  Additionally as you can tell from the image if your lips are super  chapped this won't look great up close, but from a distance any lip imperfections are barely noticeable.  

Overall this is a pretty decent light pink shade that I would give a try if you find yourself at a Mary Kay party!

Where to buy: Mary Kay consultant
Price: $15

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