Thursday, April 27, 2017

One Year Two Months Eleven Days


Hello anyone that is still out there.

I can't believe it has been over a year since I lasted updated this blog.  A lot has happened in the past year and I won't lie, it hasn't been the greatest.  2016 was pretty terrible for me.  I lost my rat, my cat, my income, my 2+ year relationship, and my happiness when I slowly fell into depression.

But don't worry everyone, I am doing so much better now.  2017 has been depression free and even though I still don't have an income I do have an end in sight for completing my Master's degree and finally getting out into the workforce.  I also have a cute guy that managed to unexpectedly squeeze his way into my life who makes me laugh more than I thought possible.

See look I'm still alive and doing makeup!

I thought perhaps it would be fun to do an update on my life post starting from when I left you all. Which I am so sorry about by the way....Since I am now in a much better place I hope to update once a week if I can.  I am still extremely busy finishing up my research and writing my thesis, but doing this blog always made me so happy and when I left I had a few messages asking if I'd ever be I can't let those few people down! Here I am!

April 2016- Celebrating my friends birthday!

May 2016- Seeing Disturbed with my mom!

June 2016- Brewed my very first batch of mead!

July 2016-Went to the Adventure Aquarium!

August 2016-Went to the Ren Faire dressed as a sassy pirate!

September 2016-I became an aunt!!!

October 2016-I decorated my apartment and watched horror movies all month...

November 2016-My depression ended with my relationship and my life finally started to turn around for the better <3

December 2016-Had a lovely Christmas with my family and my puppers

January 2017-I started experimenting with watercolors

February 2017-I went to Katsucon! (this will definitely get its own future post)

March 2017-My brother's german shepherds had puppies!!!

April 2017-I went northeast for the first time ever and spent a lovely weekend in Vermont with this cutie!

And now we are back to the present. I hope you enjoyed my year in review and I really hope this marks the end of my hiatus and the beginning of more makeup reviews!!!

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