Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Girl Named Katie Gently Loved Collection

Today I have another post about A Girl Named Katie, a small clothing and accessory store featuring items handmade with ethics and the environment in mind.  If you don't remember, last time I posted about this business I was reviewing a handmade kimono style shirt!

Katie has recently started a new collection called Gently Loved. This is a mini collection filled with recycled clothing and home decor hand selected by Katie to go with the overall aesthetic of her handmade designs.  She has picked out some really adorable outfits, and I would have bought more if I had the budget! 
I purchased a flowy black blouse and a candlestick holder shown below:


The above are her pictures because they are just so nice way better than mine, haha!

I've wanted a candlestick holder for a long time and was thinking I needed to go to a thrift store or something similar to find a nice one, and just a few days later Katie announced she was adding home decor to her Gently Loved Collection along with a 30% off coupon and I knew then it was time to place an order.

 In addition to the candle stick I also bought the flowy blouse. Due to the nature of the top, this is not a good shirt to take a picture of laying flat, believe me it looks much better when worn! I had been eyeing this top for a long time and was super excited to finally take the leap and purchase it.  It is definitely unlike anything I own but I just fell in love with the sleeves from the model picture. It also has a little upside down V decoration at the collar which is a nice touch.  The bottom is elastic allowing for the fabric to fall in a flowy...type way? I am not good at describing clothing....

And here is a mediocre quality picture of me modeling the blouse with two different looks, dressed up and dressed down.  On the left I paired it with a dark purple lace skirt from Loft and black leggings.  As you can see the sleeves are just amazing and I am in love with them.  On the right I paired it with Loft skinny jeans and black boots.  This was the outfit I actually ended up wearing and it looked so casual yet nice. The blouse is a bit short so it must be worn either with a high waisted skirt or with a tank top underneath. I wore black this time but I may experiment with other colors. The only downside that it is a bit small around my shoulder and head area.  I have to put it on before I do my makeup because the collar does not stretch and my head just fits through.  The shoulder issue I'm used to as I know I have annoyingly disproportionate shoulders and upper arms. However, I'm not worried, as I can get it on and off just fine and it looks great!

If you want to find some really adorable and affordable second hand clothes and house decor while also supporting Katie in her business endeavor please head on over to A Girl Named Katie and check out her products!

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