Monday, August 24, 2015

Jamberry Silver Floral

Four months ago when I attempted to apply my first ever Jamberry nail wrap I had a very very abysmal time.  It was wrinkly and horrible and I felt really discouraged.  Little did I know that I had started with a metallic finish wrap, which are the absolute hardest to apply.  Now its been four months and I wanted to reshow you Silver Floral, over the same nail polish as last time so you can see how nice metallics can actually look, haha!

This wrap is so gorgeous especially over dark polishes.  Like last time this is Zoya's Belinda.  The dark makes the silver shine so wonderfully, and it really catches the eye.  I love this wrap and is at the moment my favorite clear one that I've used.

Here is a comparison, my current attempt on the left and my first ever attempt on the right.  Hopefully you can see that my left attempt is barely attached at the base, there are wrinkles all up the side, and a large one at the tip.  This wrap lasted about two days.  However now I have found that the baggy method, where you pull down tightly with a baggy over the nail while you heat, makes applying metallics as easy as any other type of wrap.  It gets out wrinkles that won't come out with your finger or a cuticle pusher and it really helps seal down the edges.  I may make my own application video soon to show you all how I like to apply my wraps.

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