Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jamberry Marsala in Bloom

I cannot believe how long its been since I've updated.  Life has been so crazy.....
I finally finished teaching chemistry lab for the summer semester and I think I'm changing from the PhD to Masters program after months of deliberation.
I had a few posts lined up on my camera but when I went to put them on my computer I learned that my SD card and corrupted at some point and I lost everything which definitely has not helped my motivation to make new posts.  I lost a lot of really cute Jamberry pictures and a few makeup reviews, but hopefully I'll be able to redo them at some point soon!


Last week I wore my Marsala in Bloom Jamberry wrap! Marsala is such a pretty color and I absolutely love foral designs so I knew I had to have this one. Unfortunately it is among the ones being retired this month to make room for the new wraps in September so if you've had your eye on this, don't hesitate!! I have noticed that when I apply on a particularly hot day the humidity makes my nails wrinkle easier....I cannot wait for fall to get here so I can continue to have flawless and long lasting nail wraps.  I hate this 90+ degree weather. Ugh.

My prop for this picture is my new Thai Basil plant! Yay! It smells so nice and I love being able to just pluck a leaf off to season my dinner.

I am actually hosting a Jamberry party this week so if you've been thinking of trying these out already, why not help me reach my party goals as well? :D
If you want to place an order between now and August 12th and help me out do so from this website: and select my party upon checkout (Kimbre's Krazy Awesome Nails!)

Sorry for the hiatus hopefully I can get back into frequent updating!


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  1. yay! i was beginning to get worried after the long hiatus :p