Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jamberry Purple Mini Polka

I know another long gap between posts....There is a reason, I swear!  I went back to campus last week after visiting home and.....forgot my laptop charger.  So I was able to take some pictures but unable to get them on my laptop because of it being dead and everything.  Then I went on a long vacation to Seneca Lake in New York with the family and my friend.  Lots of wine and boats, it was a great time! :)
Anyway here is a nail wrap that is part of the Going Going Gone! which means it is getting retired at the end of August.  This is the only polka dot design that they have that I like so I'm sad to see it go but hopefully it gets replaced by something even better!

I had these on for about 5 days before I got around to taking a picture so there is a bit of wrinkling occurring, which really seems to happen when the humidity is so high and I sweat as soon as I walk outside....sigh.

Anyway I had my Jamberry party and got $250 which means I get the August hostess exclusive and a bunch of discounts! YAY!!!

Look forward to some makeup posts! I bought a few fun things to share with you!

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