Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Diamond Candle Peachy Mango

I have been seeing this brand advertised on Facebook quite often and finally saw a pretty sweet coupon offer and decided to try it out!  I figure if the ring sucks at least I have a candle and if the candle sucks at least I have a ring! Here is my experience with this company.

I actually bought two candles, one in Peachy Mango and the other in Red Velvet Cake but I'm waiting to burn the later in the fall, and also left it at my parents house so I did not currently have it to take pictures of. I love everything peach mango so I figured I couldn't go wrong with this candle! I love that every candle has its own unique artwork on it, and as you can see I've already put quite a few hours into burning it.  It smells delightful, exactly as I expected and creates a nice aroma in the immediate area.  If its in my kitchen burning, I cannot smell it from the living room however, which for a $25 candle, I kind of expected that. I'm going to come out and say it, I don't think these are worth $25 each but if you can get any sort of coupon code, I would recommend giving them a try! My coupon gave me $15 off with free shipping and overall I think my experience was worth it for that price.

So the way this works is each candle costs $25, and contains a $10 ring in what they say are "common sizes".  Being of an average body type I figured I'd be fine, but if your ring size is either abnormally larger or smaller than average you may not want to take this risk.  Within each candle a code is also included for a chance to win a ring worth $100-$5000, my code was a dud, obviously, I'm not that lucky. :P
But if you do win you can pick the size and style of your prize. 

So here is the ring I got.  I seriously lucked out BIG time.  I'm really picky about colors.  I hate gold, orange, yellow, olive, brown.....basically I was really nervous I'd get a gold ring with an orange gem or something and be totally disappointed.  I ABOUT DROPPED THE RING WHEN I FISHED IT OUT OF THE CANDLE. It's silver, which is the only metal I wear, the gem is red which is one of my absolute favorite colors of gem stone besides purple, the design is elegant and not bulky, and it FITS! Kind of. It is a tad too big for my ring finger but too small for all my others.  I'd say its probably a size 7 because generally I wear an 8 on my middle and pointer and a 7 on my ring finger.

Even though it isn't a perfect fit I think for $10 this ring is totally amazing. It is the right color and style for my personality and even if its a bit big I can still wear it no problem.  I'm very excited to see what kind of ring I got in my Red Velvet candle now! But I'm trying to make myself wait for this one to be used up before I change over.

Overall, this is a really cute and fun idea. If you have a candle loving woman in your life this would make a perfect gift. I'm not sure I'd buy more than these two because I don't really have a use for that many rings but I definitely would not be sad if I received one as a present!

Where to buy:
Price: $25

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