Friday, September 19, 2014

NCLA Los Angeles Accent Nail Wraps in House Of Hollywood Nº 1

Quite a few months ago I got these nail stickers in a beauty subscription box.  I don't remember which one it was from because we have since canceled them all except for Ipsy. If I had to guess I would say Birchbox.

Anyway I had never used nail stickers before and decided to document my first attempt for all of you.
The stickers I will be reviewing today are NCLA Los Angeles Accent Nail Wraps in purple, gold, and pink patterns.

It comes with twelve stickers.  I think there are 2 for each finger except for the ring finger, which gets four.  I think.  Its hard to tell the size difference of the middle ones.  Honestly I'm not thrilled with the look of these, they just aren't my style.  I don't wear gold anything so I probably won't wear these very often. My favorite is the mostly purple and pink pattern so I will be saving those for a special occasion.  The first thing my boyfriend said when I showed him my accent nail was "looks neat, but it's not really you."

Here are the instructions.  Simple enough and easy to follow.

Well right off the bat I mess up somehow.  The sticker would peel cleanly off the paper.  A thin layer of paper came with it.  Luckily there was a small air gap so I was able to carefully peel the detached nail sticker off the paper and get it on my nail. I hope the rest don't come off so difficultly. 

Here it is right after sticking it on.  Looks kind of hillarious :P

After some bending and filing this was the result.  I think it looks cute but for my first attempt I had two air bubbles and it was also unevenly placed on my nail.  Luckily its not noticeable from far away but the little imperfections kind of bother me.

Here is my nail up against the rest of the stickers showing the difference between on the paper and on the nail.

Overall I do like the concept and would definitely buy more stickers but in a style more close to my tastes. 

Where to buy:
Price: 26 wraps for $16

If you are using them for every single nail the price is pretty hefty.  $16 for two and a half manicures....However if you use them one or two nails at a time then I think the price is a bit more plausible.


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