Monday, September 1, 2014

Mini Shiro Haul! Red Wedding, Maiden Queen, and a Custom Gloss!

I haven't made a purchase from Shiro in a while and after seeing how Red Wedding looked on my friend I knew it was time.  I picked up Red Wedding as well as a full size of Maiden Queen.

This gloss. Is. Amazing. I mean, just look at the swatch, it even friggin looks like blood! It wears beautifully on the lips and stays for a decent amount of time.  Its such a beautifully flattering deep red.  It is also fairly easy to apply with the doe foot applicator.

I also picked up Maiden Queen because 1. I love Margaery and 2. I love teal. I wear this under my eyes all the time.  Like basically every day I wear some sort of blueish color you can bet I'm wearing this shadow.  Its so gorgeous. As you can maybe see from the swatch it doesn't get too much more intense over NYX Milk so I generally just wear it alone and it stays pretty well.  For anyone interested on my lips is NYX round lipstick in Castle.

And lastly, this is not my own purchase but one made by my friend who agreed to let me share her lips.  She loves the Red Viper and bought two of the LE eye shadows and this custom gloss as well.  Even though it is no longer available I thought this could be a good reference for anyone looking to get a golden colored custom gloss from Shiro.  Up close it doesn't look like it covers well but from far away it looks just fine.  I also saw her wear this over Kat Von D's Poe and oh my god the gold over the dark blue looked amazing!! If you like gold I would recommend checking out Shiro's custom glosses.

I <3 Shiro


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