Sunday, September 21, 2014

How To Quickly Fix A Broken Eye Shadow.

Whether you've crumbled a shadow during depotting or dropped your favorite palette on the floor, eye shadows break, its a sad fact of life. Well a few days ago I droppd my precious electric palette like an idiot and of course one of my favorite shadows cracked.  Why couldn't it have been Thrash....why Slowburn!? Anyway because the break wasn't too bad, the top layer just cracked off with some crumblies around the outside I knew the fix would be pretty easy. I used this as an opportunity to show you how I fix my broken shadows.

Step 1 
Break your eye shadow,  Not really but you it kind of needs to happen for this tutorial to be relevant. 
Step 2
 put a bit of 91% alcohol on the shadow, enough to get it wet but not too much so that its drowning.
Step 3
 Grab your favorite paper towel and quarter and push down on that sucker! I was afraid to push too hard because this palette is my baby but I was able to put a good amount of pressure on it.  
Step 4
 Keep doing this until no more pigment appears on the paper towel.  For me this happened on the 3rd press. If you put more alcohol on which you may need for a more serious break it will probably take more.
Step 5 
Let it dry and you're done! It may not look as pretty but no more crumblies are falling everywhere and at least for high quality shadows the pigment stays just as intense.  I have experienced that low quality shadows lose almost all ability to produce pigment.  No idea why but as long as the shadow isn't the lowest quality possible (like those super cheap Ulta shadows you get in those giant makeup boxes) you should be fine.

Hope this helps!


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