Monday, September 8, 2014

Sonata Arctica, Delain, and Xandria Concert!

Since I had such an amazing time I figured I might as well share my experience with you. 

Here we are looking perfect and ready to head out the door to catch a trolley to the concert!

Because we paid for VIP tickets we got a signed poster.

And I also brought in my own copy of Winterheart's Guild.  It was my first ever Sonata Arctica cd so it holds a special place in my heart.  I'm so excited that they all agreed to sign it :)

And we also got a picture with Tony Kakko!! GAH! So much happiness!! <3 He is holding up a peace sign but it didn't make it into the picture, haha!

Since we were VIPs we got first dibs on the venue so of course we got to stand really close to the front!

First up was Xandria.  A band that I had heard a few songs of before but I didn't know too much about them.  Let me tell you, I WAS BLOWN AWAY.  I freaking love this band and picked up the album at the show. So much talent!

Next up was Delain.  This is one of my boyfriend's favorites bands.  When Charlotte, the lead singer, signed an album for him his hands were shaking so bad
 from nervousness and it was adorable. :)

And finally the main event, Sonata Arctica.  They put on a great show and I loved every second of it.   Some people who were there to see Delain left two big spots open right up front so my friend and I snatched them up.  WE WERE FRONT ROW OMG. I ended up catching a drumstick as well!!! :D

After the show Delain and Xandria were hanging out by the merch stands signing anything and taking pictures. It was so awesome.  This is a very sweaty and tired me with Dianne from Xandria.

This album is amazing. Seriously.

My spoils from the night! My signed cd, a sweet Ecliptica t shirt, and the drumstick I caught!

Overall, such an amazing night, 10/10, would see all of them again.


  1. Hi! Great review and pics! What time was your meet & greet? Was it like 30 min before the regular door open, or much earlier? I'm thinking of buying VIP tickets but not sure if I can make it on time.

    1. Thanks! The meet and greet started at 6pm and the doors opened at 7pm with the show starting at 7:30pm. We were rushed to make it on time since they only told us how early we had to be there the day before the show, but we still managed to get there!

  2. Thanks! Just bought VIP tickets. Can't wait!

    1. Awesome! I hope you enjoy it, if I could I would definitely go again!