Wednesday, September 3, 2014

White and Black Double Wing FOTD

I was bored one evening and decided to take some time and just mess around. I started with a pretty standard neutral eye and added a wing.  Then I reached for my Ulta liner in Halo (after some quick browsing it seems this doesn't exist anymore.  Any sparkly white liner will do however) that I haven't touched in an extremely long time and this just kind of happened. In addition to adding the wing I also brought the liner across my entire upper lash line right above the black liner and then around my inner corner.

I kind of really love it. It looks so interesting and at least in the mirror makes my eyes look huge! On my lips is NYX round lipstick in Castle again because my boyfriend told me he likes it on me so I've been wearing it quite often :P

This was so fun and easy to do, I definitely recommend giving it a try.  Its a neutral look that adds a bit more flair to your every day makeup.


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