Thursday, May 29, 2014

Simone Simons Inspired Blue Winged Eye Using Chaos from the Electric Palette

Not having my good camera is seriously annoying...I really dislike using my phone but unfortunately I have no choice.  Here is a look I did using Chaos from Urban Decay's Electric Palette.  It is based off of Simone Simone's makeup from Kamelot's The Haunting music video. Because Youtube is blocked in Turkey linking it is difficult but I would definitely recommend checking it out.  Great song :)

I was a bit sad that it was so freaking hard to get the color even.  I used Lorac's primer, then NYX Milk, then took an insanely long amount of time trying to get Chaos to go on well.  From a normal viewing distance it looks perfectly fine but up close you can definitely see it isn't even. 

Here are some other angles.  you bet I went out in public like this hahahaa.  On my lips is Revlon Balm Stain in Honey.

And because I did it with the my Kamelot look here I am badly mimicking my reference pictures. Sorry one got blurry, I didn't notice until I had already taken my makeup off :(


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