Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I'll Be Back Soon!

Sorry for the lack of updates but my phone camera is so horrible. I decided that I would rather wait until I can submit high quality content rather than posting things that I can't be proud of.  I do have a little update for you though! Turkey has been so much fun but I am definitely ready to head home, see my friends, and start a summer job. I want to share some of my makeup looks that I have been posting to my Instagram since being here.

Look I did for an Arch Enemy concert.  I used Jilted from the Electric Palette and NYX gel liner to get this look.  On my lips is Revlon matte stain in Sultry.

Here I am wearing my new European lipstick. Its a light purple by Flormar.  I will have a more indepth swatch and review of this when I get home.

My very first manicure!! I chose OPI's Do You Lilac It? I plan on buying this color as soon as I can, I love it!

Here I wore MAC Russian Red with my Colorsmash hair chalk in Rags to Riches. I would love to get it permanently died like this....

Here i am wearing a NYX Macaron Lippie in Violet.

This is an Electric Palette look using Fringe, Thrash, and Urban.  Definitely a fan.

And this is me today! I used Shiro Cosmetics in Mother of Dragons and Not Very Effective on my eyes and then used NYX gel liner to make a double wing! This was my first time trying a double wing and I love how it looks!  I'm also wearing that Flormar light purple lipstick which happens to match my OPI nail polish.

I hope you enjoyed!


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