Friday, May 2, 2014

Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Eye Patches with Cornflower

I had a horrible horrible horrible headache and suddenly remembered a little sample I got in my March Ipsy bag.  I quickly jumped out of bed and grabbed this pack of Klorane's Smooting and Relaxing Patches for eyes.   

It comes with two, so its good for one full application.

Here they are.  I think the picture is a little misleading.  The drawing shows the patch ending close to the corner of her eye but these suckers are huuuuge! I've never used under eye patches before so I just slapped them on!

Here we go.  Let me tell you I put them on an gasped because holy crap they feel AMAZING.  Its like awesome cool ice penguin snow on your face. I later read that these work even better when you stick them in the fridge before hand.  I so wish I would have done that.  You are supposed to leave them on for 20 minutes but the coolness faded after about 10.  It seriously helped with my headache though so that was nice. I'm not sure if I saw any other improvement but it might be because my dark circles aren't too bad and I don't really have eye wrinkles where the patch is to be placed.  I would buy these just for the amazing soothing feeling. Sorry for not smiling but I actively couldn't because of the patches!

Where to buy: Amazon,
Price: $18 for 7 applications

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