Saturday, May 24, 2014

Laneige BB Cushion

I came across this BB Cushion sample in the latest Beauty Army box. I had heard about it and have been very curious to try it out.

Here is the cover, as you can see you push on the cushion and out comes the bb cream.

So this sample came with 4 different shades and I'm using the lightest (Light).

Here is the sponge after pushing down on the BB cream.

I then proceeded to pat this stuff all over my face. Also this picture is so unflattering oh my gosh.

As you can kind of see in this picture the lightest shade is a bit too yellow for me.  Nothing new here, I don't think I've ever received a foundation sample that was the right shade :/

So here are the claims made by the product, I'll go through each one and say whether or not I feel it lived up to this piece of cardboard.

Here is my BB Cushioned face in all its yellowish glory.  I do have to say it blends quite nicely, it just wasn't the right shade. However I had to use a ton of product to get this amount of coverage that I get from less than a single pump of my Skin 79 BB Cream.
1. Brightens- Ok, yeah I'll give it that my face definitely seems even and bright.
2.  Protects- It contains spf 50+, I went outside the day I wore this and got a sunburn on the back of my neck but not my face so yay!
3. Cools and Moisturizes- It did feel nice and cool when I put it on, but I use a moisturizer day and night so I can't really say whether or not the moisturizer in this product really did anything or not.
4. Prevents Shine-  This is where I think it contradicts itself a created shine! OH GOD SO MUCH SHINE.  I was a scary shiny mess after putting this on.  The second after I snapped this picture I covered it with a matte powder. I also do not have oily skin so I can't say whether or not it stopped my skin from getting oily.
5. Perfects Long Lasting Coverage- I can't really comment on this considering I covered my face in powder after this to try and hide the shiny finish and how yellow it made me.

Would I buy this? Maybe...but only if they made it in a less yellow shade and also removed the shininess.

Where to buy: Target,
Price: $34

Ok, nevermind, after finding out the price, even if they did have it in my shade it is 3x more expensive than my Skin 79 BB cream that matches me perfectly and smells better.  So, no I would not buy this.


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