Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Week in Istanbul

Hello everyone! I'm sorry it has been way too long since I've posted an update.  My dad, brother, and I came to visit my mom in Istanbul during her job exchange.  After a week my brother and dad went home but I am staying an entire month here!  Now that we are done running around like crazy tourists trying to see as much as we can in a week I can finally sit down and type. The next two posts after this will be updates that I had taken pictures for prior to my Turkey excursion and then after that all my updates for the next month will be done from Istanbul.  Unfortunately I was too nervous to bring my good camera with, therefore all I have for taking pictures is my cell phone and a cheap point and shoot.  I'm really hoping I can still provide some decent quality updates though!
Anyway I thought I'd share with you what I've been doing during my first week in Istanbul!

Day 1
This is the day we arrived so unfortunately we didn't have too much time to do things.  Upon getting there we had an authentic lamb kebab and then went to bed.

Day 2
Today we went to Topkapı Palace which is where the sultans lived.  It was very pretty and a pretty neat experience!

Finished the day with some delicious sea bass on Istiklal street.  There were police everywhere while we were leaving, most likely they were preparing to stop a possible riot.  It was kind of scary....

Day 3

We started the day with a giant traidtional Turkish breakfast! So much food but it was all so delicious!

Then we visited the Basilica Cistern.  It was really creepy and awesome.

At the bottom of two supports are upside down medusa heads.  It is unknown as to why they are here but some people speculate they were stolen from Rome and placed here as an insult to the Romans.

Day 4

Today we visited Chora Church, the largest church in Istanbul.  Luckily when Istanbul became predominately Muslim the church was not destroyed.  As a result it now contains some of the most well preserved and complete frescoes. It was very pretty.

Then we visited the Blue Mosque, the largest mosque in Istanbul.  It was also pretty awesome.  Only thing that sucked was having to wear a headscarf, that got really hot and uncomfortable after a while. My hair is shorter than some of the dudes that were in there, religion is really confusing sometimes.

We also climbed the wall that surrounded what used to be Constantinople.  This was my favorite part only because it was a climb at your own risk kind of deal.  No supports, super steep, and broken stone steps, I would never have been able to do something like this in America. 

Day 5

Today was a pretty lazy day. We met up with my mom's coworker and did some shopping. 

There are stray cats and dogs everywhere! The dogs just walk right up to you and wag their tails, they are all so friendly and cute!

A nice serene view!

And because this is a makeup blog here is the makeup I did that day! I did a winged liner using Fringe from the electric palette and then used MAC Heroine on my lips.  My mom's Turkish coworker absolutely loves my style and wants me to go to MAC with her to show her what I use :P

Day 6

Today we took a cruise down the Bosphorus Strait all the way to a tiny fishing village along the opening to the Black Sea

Here is a picture of the Istanbul coastline.  So much hill.

This was our view from where we ate lunch.  It was such an amazing photo op!

We climbed all the way up to an old castle, this is my brother looking out over the castle wall at the Black Sea.

And here is the dog we met at the top of the castle, he was such a cheeseball! By the end he was on his back begging us to rub his tummy :)

And here is the makeup I did that day.  Using the electric palette and NYX Milk I put Savage on my lid and then made a pointed outer corner with Urban and blended them together.

Day 7

Today was the day that my dad and brother had to go back to the mom and I were supposed to go out to eat later that day but unfortunately I caught the cold my mom had earlier in the week and was too sick to leave the apartment.  I'm also spending today being sick so unfortunately I probably won't be creating new blog content today :(
I really hope I get better soon.  At least tomorrow will be two weeks since getting my appendix out so I am feeling very very little discomfort from that anymore! 
I can't wait to go shopping for some Europe exclusive makeup! :D

I'd say the only negative thing I have to say so far about Turkey is the fact that Youtube is blocked. What. So stupid.  Of course it's easy to get around, but it  still makes viewing Youtube videos a pain in the butt.


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