Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Probelle Nail Polish in Into The Blue

So you may or may not have noticed that I did not do an Ipsy glam bag review for January.  Well the reason for that is that I was severely disappointed in everything I got except for this little blue nail polish.  I about flipped when they sent me yet another bronze eyeshadow.  I didn't even open it.  I looked at it in disgust and gave it to my mother.  I really really really hope I get off the wish list for Notoriously Morbid's monthly Vanishing Cabinet subscription.  As soon as I do I might cancel Ipsy.  the products are too neutral and boring to suit my tastes.

(I will not get my February bag until March because it always comes so late.  I'm hoping I'll like enough products from that bag to write a full review so look forward to that in March!)

Anyway I did like the nail polish that came in last month's bag so I will share it with you!

This nail polish is a brand I had never heard of before, Probelle.  I actually went to Ulta shortly after receiving this and saw it on the shelves so either I've been previously blind or this is a new product (however it does not seem that Ulta sells this online so now I'm questioning what I saw).  In my bag I got the shade Into The Blue.  Let me tell you, this blue is freaking gorgeous!  It is the perfect bright sky blue and I can see myself wearing this a lot in spring.  It is so fun and flashy!
The quality of this picture isn't the greatest as I took it with my phone while my camera was still dead but I think they came out fairly true to color.   The longevity of this polish isn't wonderful but it is still fairly decent.  I needed 3 light coats to get a fully opaque color.  One will definitely not be enough.  
Would I buy anymore polishes by this brand? Probably not unless they had something super unique.  I still prefer Zoya.
Speaking of Zoya the little bit of nail art was done using Zoya's Belinda.

Where to buy:
Price: $6.00

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