Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello Waffle Hisster Prynne and Detrivore Livor Mortis on the Lips

So remember a bit a go I swatched these two indie shades and did a cute red and purple eye look?  Well not too long after I noticed that they are both lip safe.  The next step seemed pretty obvious.

I love this one!  The purple is so deep and has a really pretty soft metallic sheen to it.  I love how this looks with my skin tone.  I would definitely wear this on my lips again.  It is a bit hard to see....but on my eyelids I am wearing Hodor, in my crease is Not Very Effective, and on my lower lashline is Mother of Dragons, all my Shiro Cosmetics.

This one is definitely a bit more wearable for most people than Livor Mortis however I don't like it on myself that much.  The color comes out as a more pinkish metallic red on my lips.  I think its cute and unique but as far as lips go I would definitely reach for the purple first.

I hope you liked my lip swatches! Prepare to see a lot more Indie on here.  I'm going to be trying to buy more Indie and less everything else.

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  1. Livor Mortis looks great on you!