Friday, January 23, 2015

Indie FOTD With Hello Waffle Cosmetics Hisster Prynne and Detrivore Cosmetics Livor Mortis

Alright! So I've been using Indies for quite some time but for whatever reason I havn't been using them much lately.  I think its because since getting the Urban Decay Electric Palette I've been basing a lot of my looks off of the colors it contains.  Well not today! Today I wanted to do a look featuring two Indie samples I have not tried before.

Here is Hello Waffle Cosmetics Hisster Prynne and Detrivore Cosmetics Livor Mortis.  Hisster Prynne I got with my first Hello Waffle Order (more about that at the end) and Livor Mortis was given to me by a friend who already had a sample in this color.  Anyway, I love purple and red together so these are the perfect pair for me.  Kinda strange that Hello Waffle doesn't put their brand name on their sticker.  I had gotten some full sizes as gifts for friends and they kept asking me to remind them what brand it was.  Also I just realized both of these are lip safe....awww yes!

They swatch beautifully and as you can see even more so when put over a primer.  Hisster Prynne is a nice bright slightly light red.  Livor Mortis is a deep to mid toned purple.  Both are slightly shimmery but are not filled with chunky sparkle.

And here is the look I did with the two colors!  I decided on a purple and red halo eye because why not. I think putting NYX Milk under these would make the colors even greater!
Oh! Good news! I worked my first day as a teaching assistant for a chemistry lab and two of my students  told me they loved my makeup! :D
On my lips is NYX Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose.

I also decided to swatch these colors against a similar color just for comparisons sake.  Against Livor Mortis is Shiro Cosmetics Not Very Effective, a favorite of mine for use as an eye liner.  NVE is much darker and is filled with very chunky sparkles while Livor Mortis is lighter and more shimmery than sparkly.  Both are great!

I didn't have another Indie red at my apartment so I swatched it against BH Cosmetics Aphrodite from the Galaxy Chic Palette.  Aphrodite is a bit darker and more rusty colored while Hisster Prynne is lighter and more on the pink side. I will be getting a full size of Hisster Prynne because I really want a nice red that isn't confined to a palette.

Thanks for reading!

Final Thoughts:

Detrivore: I have now tried two shadows from this brand and I love them both.  Bruise works great as a special effect kind of shadow for...well..bruises.  Livor Mortis could also be incorporated into zombie or halloween makeup effects and just worn alone of course.  I could see this being used as an eyeliner as well, however I probably won't buy the full size.

Where to buy:
Price: $1-$6

Hello Waffle: The shadow I got to try is great and because of this I will be ordering again, but I am a bit bummed regarding my last purchase.  On Facebook before Black Friday she had posted that for a day only she was having a buy 3 get one free sale.  This was perfect as I wanted to get three of my friends shadows and then one for myself because I am totally allowed to get Christmas presents for myself!! Anyway I stated in the comment section that I wanted Hisster Prynne as my free shadow as per the Facebook instructions but instead all I got was the sample size. :(
I'm not sure if I just misinterpreted the Facebook sale or if she didn't understand my note.  Either way it was a sad day opening the package.
Regardless I'll be buying the full size this weekend along with Ethereal Voice and maybe something from the Composers collection.  My friend will be placing a joint order with me so at least shipping won't be so damaging.

Where to buy:
Price: $3.84-$7.09 CAD,  $3.08- $5.70 USD
USD could change based on the current conversion rate at purchase.

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