Sunday, January 25, 2015

Colour Pop Lippie To Go Set Featuring Grind, Frenchie, I Heart This, Bichette, and Brink

My wonderful friend got this set for me for Christmas.  I had heard about this cosmetic company and was literally thinking the morning before exchanging presents that I wanted to give the brand a try.  Such a perfect gift with really great timing!

You get 5 mini lipsticks, on one end is the lipstick and the other end is the lip liner.  They are exactly the same color so I'll only be swatching the lipsticks for this set.

Here are all the colors side by side.
Grind- a mid toned purple
Frenchie- a neon red
I HeartThis- a bright fuchsia
Bichette- a deep red
Brink- a pinky rose nude

Grind is quite the awesome color but unfortunately the formula isn't amazing.  As you can see on the lip swatch I had trouble getting the color to stay in the middle of my lips.  It also fades after a few hours or a meal to a neon pink.  I also found it to be a tad drying.  However, the color is nice and if you don't want to pay the $16 for MAC's Heroine, this is a good buy.

Frenchie! This is a very very nice red that glides on smooth and covers well.  There isn't anything too unique about the color but it definitely makes a really nice travel red.  It also fades nicely after a meal with only a slight darker red ring around the lips.  I can't for the life of me use the lip liner half of these, its almost too pointy, I can't get an even line.  However I'm hoping the more I use them and dull down the point the easier it will be to apply.

I Heart This is a pretty generic bright pink.  It is much more wearable than a Barbie doll or super hot pink shade but it is still fairly bright. However, I think it may be slightly dark enough to wear in winter, but for the most part I can see this being a mostly spring and summer kind of color. I think it goes really well with my skin tone. The color glides on easily and does not feel drying.

Besides Brink this is probably the second most often worn lipstick. It is such a nice deep and flattering red.  Its so easy to just throw on and go.  Unfortunately this lipstick can and will be defeated by a more messy meal meaning if I want a long wearing red lip I will still reach for MAC's Russian Red or JCat's Red Potion over this.  Regardless it is a very nice color to keep with my in my travel bag.  you never know when you'll need to rock a red lip on the go!

I thought Brink would be my least favorite because, ew, nude.   However I have worn this one the most so far!!  It is actually a very interesting nude that I feel goes with almost any makeup look.  I have it in my travel bag and wear it all the time when visiting my boyfriend because if we decide to do a little kissing he won't have to worry about getting red or pink all over his face :P
This color goes on smooth and opaque.  Its also non drying.

Overall I like these lipsticks and would definitely buy from this brand in the future as they offer a lot of unique colors for an affordable price.  The lipsticks for the most part are creamy, opaque, and non drying.  The staying power isn't wonderful, its gone after a few hours or a particularly messy meal but that is the case with most lipsticks in this price range so I'm not upset in the least.  They are a truly awesome Christmas gift, thanks Jaime!! <3

Where to buy:
Price:...I don't know it is sold out and they've taken it off the website.  However each full size lipstick or pencil is $5


  1. I love both I Heart This and Brink on you. They work so well with your coloring.

    1. Thank you! I'm especially in love with I Heart This! I was afraid it would be a bit too Barbie pink but its so perfect.