Monday, January 19, 2015

NYX Love in Paris Eye Palette in A La Mode

I have never picked up a NYX Cosmetics eye palette because I kept hearing again and again that the quality of the palettes failed in comparison to their singles.  However for Christmas my mom stuck A La Mode in my stocking and I've used it almost every day since.  I was a little apathetic at first because its all neutral browns, silvers, and grays but with a bit of use I've discovered not only do the quality of the shadows rock but I can make so many quick and easy looks with this!  Today I wanted to share with you a simple every day look I throw on if I don't feel like doing anything extravagant and also a more involved dramatic look with gorgeous results.

As you can see from the product picture I've been getting quite a bit of use out of this palette!  That is especially true for the matte black and light shimmery silver. There are still two color in this palette that I have not (and probably will not) use, the two matte brown shades.  I may be able to use the browns in my eye brows if I'm ever in a pinch, making those colors not completely useless to me.  

Here is an overall swatch of the palette in the same order as they appear in the case.  There is a strip of Mary Kay eye primer under each shadow showing that they definitely offer more pigmentation when placed over a primer.

The top three shadows are a shimmery brown, a midtoned shimmery silver, and a very dark shimmery grey.

The middle row includes a matte brown, a matte black, and a matte gray.

And the bottom row contains a matte white, a light shimmery silver, and a dark matte brown.

Here is my simple smokey eye that I do when I'm traveling and don't feel like spending a lot of time on my makeup.  I apply the dark shimmery grey to my lid and with a bit on the lower lashline.  Then I take the matte gray and blend it up into my crease and once again on the lower lashline.  The lighter mattes have a less intense pigmentation so it may take a bit more to get the color you desire.  Finally I take the matte black and lightly line my eyes.  I do it darker and thicker if I want a bit more drama, but here it is very subtle.  I then used the matte white on the inner corner.

This is my dramatic look! I am so in love with this, its just so sexy without being too over the top.  You bet I wore this during the day, who says intense makeup is only for evenings!?  Anyway on my lid is the shimmery brown, in my crease is the matte black, and on the bottom lash line close to the inner corner is the shimmery silver.  On my lips is Stila's Stay all Day Liquid Gloss in.......

Where to buy:, Ulta, drugstores
Price: $10

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