Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Break From Makeup: Scrambled Egg and Avocado Open Faced Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

So I don't really know what to call these as I just kind of threw a bunch of my favorite ingredients together this morning to make this yummy breakfast.  It was so good that I really wanted to share it with you guys!!

It looks kind of weird...I know...but oh my was it delicious.

Alright so on to how I made it!

Saute the mushrooms and garlic in 1/4 tbs of olive oil
Put your mini bagels in the toaster oven (or toaster) and get them toasting
Turn the heat down and crack the egg into the pan
quickly add avocado, cheese, spinach, and milk
Turn the heat up to the best temp for scrambling all the ingredients together
Mix in basil and parsley to taste
Scoop your mixture onto the bagels and enjoy!

I was going to initially make this a sandwich but there was too much filling for that to be possible.  The open faced method looks cuter anyway.

Not all the ingredients are listed in the nutrition facts for this meal because things like garlic and basil don't really contribute much calorie wise.  The sodium for this was a bit higher than I was expecting but the protein is nice.  The calories would probably be close to 400 if I would have had a full half an avocado to use...I had to scrape out some brown bits. However you could probably omit the cheese completely....I just really like cheese.  I think adding more mushrooms would have also been better.  This was flavorful enough to eat without the bagels, taking them away would make this much less calorie and carb dense.

Overall this breakfast experiment was a success and I will definitely be making it again!

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