Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween From This Happy Ghoul!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Yay! On this super awesome day I will be sharing with you my trial run ghoul makeup for a Halloween themed swing dance party I'm going to next week.  I will also be doing my boyfriend's face to match mine and we will be swanky swing dancing ghouls together.  We are going to be so cute I can hardly stand it!

So let's start out with my happy face! Haha! It's always so weird to smile in this kind of makeup.  I do want to mention that I darkened the background of all these images to stop them from being too bright.  A ghoul walking around in broad daylight isn't scary at all!  No editing was done to my actual face however :P
Please excuse my greasy hair, I did this before getting a shower.

Assume creepy living dead pose!
To achieve this ghoulish look I covered my entire face and neck with NYX's eye shadow single in Whipped Cream.  I bought this eye shadow just for this occasion because it's a pure white matte, pigmented, and not too expensive shadow.  I then took Bruise by Detrivore Cosmetics and put it all around my eyes, being careful to slightly contour along my upper nose. I also used Bruise to contour my cheeks. Its the perfect dead person blackened purple. Next I took NYX's gel liner and smudger and did my best to put on my lid and lower lashline.  I do not own a matte black (how!?)...but don't worry I'll be going to Sephora and getting one soon! Then I took Gonzo from the Urban Decay Electric palette and messily and lightly blended it around my mouth and under my eyes. The final shadow I used was Aphrodite from the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette and blended it in above Gonzo on my eyes and did some extra nose contouring. The cracks were drawn using the NYX gel liner and smudger with a small liner brush. The final touch was putting a tiny dab of MAC Russian Red on the inside of my lips and blending it out into the blue. 

I love this one because my face looks so gaunt.  This was so fun to do and I can't wait to see it on my boyfriend and in our fancy clothes. I plan on trying to make my chest and arms slightly white with some cracks to really get a full effect.

This final pictures I had a bit of fun with in Photoshop.  I severely darkened the background, toned down the yellowness of the indoor lighting, and messed with the levels and contrast a bit to make myself look extra creepy :)
I hope all your costumes are awesome and your makeup is perfect. Have a great Halloween! :)

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