Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Break From Makeup: Low Calorie Strawberry Coffee Drink

In today's break from makeup I will be sharing my absolute favorite coffee drink meal substitute thing with you! I love coffee, almonds, vanilla, and strawberries so one day I thought why not combine all of it?! And so I did, it was amazing...and low calorie! ;D
I prefer this to a 16 oz calorie packed Starbucks drink any day!
However the nutritional powder stuff I bought isn't really what I wanted. I was hoping for less sugar and more protein but my grocery store didn't seem to carry anything like that.  Any suggestions?

Here are the contents:
8 oz Black Coffee ~1 cal
8 oz Unsweetened Vanilla or Chocolate Almond Milk ~30-45 cal
One Scoop of a Vanilla Protein Mix  ~125 cal
1/2 cup Frozen or Fresh Strawberries ~25 cal
A Splash of Vanilla Flavoring  ~1 cal
1. Acquire the coffee by whatever means is your favorite and stick it in the fridge to cool.
2. If using frozen berries remove them from the freezer and allow them to thaw....I plop mine in the coffee to speed up the process.
3. Add a scoop of the nutrition mix and blend the crap out of it!
4. Add the almond milk and vanilla flavor to the blended coffee, strawberries, and nutrition mixture, then stir well.
5. Add ice if it is not quite cold enough or stick it in the fridge overnight for breakfast the next day.
6. Enjoy your 16 oz and less than 200 calorie coffee drink <3
If you would prefer this as just a beverage and not as a meal substitute just forgo the protein powder and perhaps add a bit extra vanilla extract! It will take the calories to less than 100 for a 16 0z serving.  I rarely eat meat so I like the shake mix as a way to add a bit more protein into my diet.  Hope you enjoy!

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