Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Elf Lip Exfoliator Review and Demonstration

Today I will be reviewing a product that I absolutely love and use all the time but never really thought to demonstrate until now. With ELF the products are usually hit or miss and while I hate their eye shadows I LOVE their lip exfoliator among some other things that I may review soon. I love it so much I've convinced my friend to get one and I've also bought one for my boyfriend. they both plan on repurchasing when it runs out.

In comes in a traditional lipstick like tube with a lipstick shaped applicator. The container, because its square, is a bit larger than the average lipstick case. The formula is fairly simple. Its made up of what I'd imagine is wax, sugar, and flavoring. It tastes like vanilla brown sugar. Its heavenly.

Here are my lips after swatching some pink lipsticks. My lips are stained, dry, and distressed. But never fear ELF lip exfoliator is here!

I lick my lips to get them nice and wet then rub in circular motions. Make sure not to push the tube out too far as I have read about people have issues with it snapping in half. I rub all over my lips until they feel sufficiently scrubbed. I then wipe off the excess because the packaging says not to eat it.... Even though it tastes so good. However I have watched my boyfriend use it and lick his lips clean and he's not dead so if it happens don't panic. 

And here are my lips after, nice and smooth and fresh. It is very good for getting off those pesky staining lip colors or removing dead skin. I love this product so much and will definitely be buying again and again.

Where to buy: eyeslipsface.com and various drugstores and superstores

Price: $3

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