Thursday, August 14, 2014

Urban Decay Pressed Pigment in Slowburn from the Electric Palette on my Lips

So normally I avoid orange lipstick because it just looks super strange on me.  However I am seriously digging the way Slowburn looks on my lips.  For whatever reason it is much more flattering than any other orange lip I've tried to wear.  For that I am so happy!! Definitely a win, it even looks cute in my hair.

On my cheeks I tried to use Urban, the purple from the palette.  I honestly really like it, especially with the orange.  I think I'm so pale and cool toned that purple blush turns out looking oddly normal on me.  I'm totally ok with this.

I popped a lip gloss over top to add some shine.  It also helps cover up any powdery texture making slowburn look like an honest to god lipstick :)



  1. You look absolutely stunning in this colour! I just love how it just pops. The orange doesn't seem too overpowering at all and really suits you. I have a feeling that a coral pink would be suitable for you as well but that's just me. Loving this colour and this review/swatch. Hope to read more from you soon! =)

    ♥ Rin from Fuurin Diary