Friday, August 8, 2014

Flormar Glittering Star Eyeliner in No. 510 Teal

This was a random Istanbul, Turkey purchase! Flormar sells these eyeliners for about $2 so how could I pass it up?!

I love wearing Teal under my eyes as a surprise pop of color so when I saw this sparkly eyeliner for sale in Turkey I had to snatch it! Its just sooo pretty!

Here it is both swatched as heavily as possible on my hand and also applied normally under my eye.

It is very easy to apply and doesn't tug at my skin.  However I feel like I have to sharpen it every other time I use it so I'm kind of worried it won't last me terribly long....maybe I should get my mom to bring me back a few more when she comes home from Turkey :)

I also bought this cute little headband thing in Istanbul.  It was $2.50. I got this grey animal pattern and a dark purple one.  It is a piece of cloth with a wire in it, I think it absolutely perfect for spicing up a pixie :)

Where to buy:
Price: 3,95 TL (about $2.00)


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