Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jamberry Lace Noir Over Zoya Odetta

I went to the Franklin Institute's Science After Hours Speakeasy event and wanted to do my nails in a fancy and classy way, so naturally I reached for my Lace Noir wraps!  These have a gorgeous black lace pattern that is clear so you can put it over top of any nail polish color that you wish! I chose Zoya's Odetta because its a really nice mauvey purple shade.

I really liked how my nails looked over this color, however I think the next time I use this wrap I will put an even lighter color underneath to bring out the lace pattern even more.  The nails looks really cool up close however from farther away they just looked dark.
Regardless I definitely enjoyed this manicure and am already trying to decide which color to put under this wrap next!

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