Saturday, January 2, 2016

Gamer Girl Monthly Treasure December 2015

I just subscribed to a new subscription box!! Yay! I am so excited! I am just a bit obsessed with subscription boxes......
Anyway I loved the idea of Gamer Girl Monthly, a monthly box that contains 3-4 pieces of geeky jewelry and accessories.  It costs $13 a month plus $4 shipping so as you can probably agree that I was a bit nervous to jump in, especially considering that based on a few unboxing that I saw, I am not familiar with all the games.  However I decided to ask for 1 to 3 months for Christmas, that way I could give it a try without a monetary risk for myself.  My mom is an angel and ended up getting me 6 months worth, which means every box is $12 plus $4 shipping.  

This month's theme is Treasure, so I was definitely expecting something Legend of Zelda themed or Spyro, as the cute purple dragon was pictured on the back of the insert card, however this box definitely took a different (but good) and unexpected turn.

Here is an overview shot of everything in the box!  As you can see I got 3 pieces of jewelry, a pin, and a scarf. With my boxes costing $16 total, each item would be about $4, which honestly is pretty worth it in my opinion for the quality everything seems to be, except for the earrings but the other items definitely make up for it.

Crown Stud Earrings

These earrings are the only thing from the box that I not only don't like, but also won't use.  I don't wear gold jewelry, and even if these crowns were silver they still aren't really my style.  The one downside of this box is it is not personalized at all....something which I'm a bit spoiled with because of Black Box. I kept them in the packaging so they will be either be sold or regifted.
Sorry earrings!

Minecraft Diamond Necklace

I personally have never played Minecraft however I have watched others play and know enough about the game to recognize what this is supposed to be.  I have seen these online and honestly I like the coloring of this specific one much better, it is overall darker and therefore much more suitable to my taste.  Even though I don't play nor do I plan to play Minecraft I really like the look of this necklace and will definitely be wearing it, right after I shorten the chain by about half.

D-Pad Ring

I LOVE  this.  This ring is so cute and adorable and subtly geeky. It is a bit bigger of a ring than I would normally wear but the simplistic design still makes it very wearable for me.  It fits perfectly on my ring finger so I'm guessing its a size 7.  It appears to be adjustable but the metal is so stiff I don't see it being done easily.  I've worn this every day since I got my box.  I adore it!

Controller Scarf

Oh my goodness I literally gasped when I saw this in the box.  This scarf is hands down my favorite thing.  It is a nice dark blue color with various controllers printed on it.  It has Xbox...Playstation...Super Nintendo...a little bit of every controller for every fan. It is also sheer making it perfect for summer or anytime really.  

I LOVE LOVE this scarf and can't wait to wear it out.  So cute and perfect! <3

Overall I think my first box went very well!  I like that they put two non specific geeky things in, which is nice for the people that may not play every single video game out there.  However the crown earrings related to nothing nerdy at all so that was a bit disappointing. 
I'd say I'm excited for next month but after reading the content themes I'm not sure I'm going to be a fan.  It contains items from games I've never played and shows I'm not that into, so hopefully I still like the look of the jewelry like with the Minecraft necklace.  I loved what was in the November box, that was definitely more my style, so I'm a bit bummed I missed that one.  I want Pokemon and Legend of Zelda everything!!

Watch me unbox it!

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