Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fifth Of A Farm Creations Spruce Hill Blackberry Lavender Jam

Today I went to my local farmer's market hoping to pick up some herbs and jam but alas the herb stand was not present at the market that day.  I noticed there was another Jam seller than I had never seen before so I decided to get my much needed jam from there instead.  I don't usually review a lot of food products but I was really impressed with the owner, presentation, and taste of this product I felt like this brand deserved a little recognition!

So this company is called Fifth of a Farm Creations and I believe they are a fairly new business. As soon as I walked up to take a peek at the flavors the owner greeted me joyfully and made some quick small talk.  He also said hello to almost every person that walked by, he was definitely a really sweet guy. After I browsed for a bit he went on to tell me all about his company and the products.  His excitement and pride for his business was apparent and I knew right away I was going to be buying something.  They make their jam is small batches at a community kitchen where other small business owners can produce the items they love without spending a fortune to rent out a city property all on their own.  I think this is a grand idea as it allows prospective small businesses to get started with their dreams without having to take as huge of a financial risk.  So far they only sell in Philadelphia by going from market to market and also selling in local stores. However they do have a website where you can order online, so anyone can buy and enjoy these jams!

The next thing I noticed about these Jams was the packaging.  Every jam has a different colored label that matches the ingredients. The design is bright, efficient, eye catching, and just all around beautifully designed. I decided on the Spruce Hill Blackberry Lavender Jam as I love both of those things!  

Additionally every jam is named after a different neighborhood in Philadelphia, an idea that I thought was a really nice touch.

There is also a bit of history about the neighborhood printed on each jam label, once again a really neat thing to add! 

So I've established that the owners are nice and friendly and the label design is well thought out, but I have yet to comment on the most important part.....the taste!!
All the flashy outsides won't do any good if the product is mediocre, right?  Well thankfully there is nothing to worry about as this jam is DELICIOUS. It isn't too sweet or too tart it is literally just perfect.  The blackberry flavor is so lovely and there are nice large chunks of berries in there too, I could eat this every day.  My only complaint would be that the lavender taste could be stronger, but I love lavender and I know not everyone is as crazy about it as I am.  Regardless, this jam has everything going for it and I will definitely be a return customer.

Here is a picture of the brochure I took that lists all their products and prices.  See anything you like? I know I want to try the prickly pear eventually!

I hope you liked this review as much as I like this jam, enjoy!

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