Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Weirdo

I do own some decent black lipsticks but nothing that I would feel 100% comfortable wearing for an extended period of time.  Therefore I figured Weirdo would be a good investment for me.  I don't wear black often, but when I do it is a color that I definitely want to last for as long as possible.  Black can get EVERYWHERE....on your teeth, on your chin (darn you sandwiches!), and on your boyfriend. 

What makes this black even better is that it's matte! Yay! I was in a bit of a rush to take this picture so it is not quite at its full matte potential in the swatch or close up lip picture.
As far as application, I feel this lipstick could be better.  The doe foot applicator is much more difficult to use than Kat Von D's. I have a hard time getting a smooth sharp line, which is very important for a lipstick as dark as this.  It definitely takes me a while to apply this lipstick as I have to be very careful and take time to correct the mistakes I will inevitably make.  It also gets all over my teeth, but a simple clean off will fix that.  After the lipstick dries though, you are set!  It is transfer proof and smudge proof!  It does take a few minutes to dry, but once you get over the hassle of applying and drying it really stays put!

Do I think this lipstick is worth $18? Yes, I think the staying power makes it worth that, especially since there aren't too many awesome matte blacks out there.  It is a little cheaper than Kat Von D's brand which makes sense to me as I do feel the application is a lot more difficult. Overall I love this lipstick and even though I won't wear it super often, I can feel secure whenever I do.

The website says it can also be used as a liquid liner so I will definitely have to try that out as well!

price: $18

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