Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lipgloss in Bittersweet

Sephora was giving out these mini Urban Decay lip glosses in Bittersweet when you entered a specific coupon code upon checkout.  I absolutely loved NYX's intense butter glosses so I had to try out Urban Decay's new competitive release! The tube itself is very nice looking for a sample size.  It is just as decorated as the full sized tubes.  There also seems to be a decent amount of product inside so I would assume this will last me quite some time. 

I had talked a bit about Urban Decay's new glosses in my last Ipsy glam bag post so I'll just do a quick run through.   They apply easily and pigmented.  They last for a long time as far as glosses go (3-4 hours for me) and keep my lips moisturized.  the only downside...if you do not like sticky glosses you will not like these. This color in particular is hard ot get even, I didn't have that problem with the lighter Failbait but I have to use a decent amount of this to build up to a solid more opaque color. Overall I like these glosses but I probably would not buy any more as they are not offering any truly unique colors.

Because I also own NYX's purple gloss, Berry Strudel, I decided to swatch them side to side for you to see.  I had thought Bittersweet was purple but after putting it next to Berry Strudel which is a very true purple it looks way more plummy in comparison. NYX's gloss is much more opaque after only one application and is also much much more affordable.  The only categories UD really wins in with this gloss is the longevity and packaging. With NYX's really great intense butter glosses out there I see no need to spend 3 times as much on UD's version.  Unfortunately the formula is not good enough to justify the price when compared with NYX, even if the packaging is really pretty.

Where to buy: Sephora,
Price: $22

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