Friday, June 12, 2015

Jamberry July Hostess Exclusives 2015

My mom hosted a party and earned so much she got 3 months worth of hostess exclusives!  Because she is the greatest mom ever she gave me half of her July sheet! I love it so much! I'm so sad it will be gone....:(

This wrap is dark blue, coral, mint, and white arranged into a cool alternating rectangle kind of pattern.  Its soft while still being intense and subtle while being eye catching.  I am really loving the flashy pattern mixed with these soft coordinating colors.

Also this is probably my best application yet! I finally have an air conditioner in my apartment so I was able to thoroughly heat and cool my wraps this time! :D

I am liking the August exclusives even more than July though so I may be hosting a party in August.  If anyone is interesting in helping me out and ordering through my party I would be so so so happy! :3

Where to buy: Jamberry Consultant
Price: $15 per sheet.

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